September 24, 2020

Five Austin Waterfalls You Can’t Miss

Five Austin Waterfalls You Can’t Miss

As the sun subtly hints that it’s lessening its heat waves and trees begin to transition from green-filled topiaries into autumnal palettes, it’s prime time to explore the nature surrounding one of the United States’ most industrial and modern-leaning cities, Austin, Texas. As TravelTRiangle reports, there’s no better answer to the decrescendo of summer’s than visiting the lush green valleys and hilltops, and Austin waterfalls that surround the “Hippie Haven” that has spawned many an artist, poet, startup, cowboy, and many more.

The capital city is a prime destination for any traveling adventure enthusiast as the city has 14 nature preserves, 20 beaches, 50 miles of hiking and biking trails, and 205 parks to choose from, though possibly the most unique feature of the greater Austin area is its instagram-able waterfalls that are consistently sought after by tourists and locals alike as many days can be lost being lackadaisical when swimming, picnicking, and generally enjoying the atmosphere of the following five Austin Waterfalls.

St. Edwards Park

Already a household southern name in hiking trails, St. Edwards Park rewards many hikers with a magnificent waterfall that looks like it was pulled right from an international nature magazine. A well-maintained hiking trail of varying difficulties leads interested parties to this heavenly cascade of water, and best of all, the area is largely covered by shade, protecting you and your closest friends from the sun, allowing you to plan ahead and make a day of it all. Post the pictures in the groupchat, pack a bag, and head to Spicewood Springs Rd while the weather is a perfect compliment to this park’s soothing waters.

Hamilton Pool Preserve

While most think of exotic locales when the word “waterfall” is mentioned, Hamilton Pool Preserve is located only a few minutes’ drive from the city on the Austin outskirts where it houses one of the most stunning waterfalls located in the continental United States. Though the name sounds incorporated or industrialized in nomenclature, this historic spot has a stream flowing onto limestone slabs that cascade into a watering hole after a 50 meter drop. Depending on the season, swimming isn’t consistently available year-round, as local officials keep a close eye on bacteria and rainfall levels to ensure safety. Stop by the aptly-named Dripping Springs today to see this can’t miss sight.

Twin Falls

Plan a trip to the Barton Creek Greenbelt, and see the most popular waterfall in Austin, Texas. Whether you’re embracing solitude, bridging the family along, or enjoying the sights and swimming with close friends, this waterfall is accessible to all close to the capital city due to its 3.7 mile round trip distance and is easily accessible to hike by children and leashed pets. Located at the base of the falls is a swimming hole for those wanting to jump, swim, and enjoy the can’t miss atmosphere that is only made more lush, vibrant, and uproaring by recent rainfall.

 Sculpture Falls

Also located along the Barton Creek Greenbelt of Austin is the clear-water Sculpture Falls with its secluded swimming hole that’s a perfect spot to jump into. You can reach these falls after a 2.5 mile hike that serves as a small deterrent to some, making this a less-busy attraction to those avoiding crowds. Follow the Barton Creek Greenbelt Trail, and visit a waterfall that is praised for its pet-friendly atmosphere.

 McKinney Falls

Adventure awaits at McKinney Falls where big crowds can gather without it seeming overpopulated. Besides the typical sight-seeing and basking in the uproarious cascade of water, several other activities are offered such as camping, hiking, fishing, and more. So make the most out of your next partial-Austin-getaway and dip a toe into the rushing, inviting waters.  

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