August 26, 2019

Europe’s Beaches To Consider Visiting

Europe’s Beaches To Consider Visiting

Europe’s beaches offer scenes of postcards. While it  may be a small continent,  the history of it spans centuries and is as vast and colorful as they come. It has inspired stories such as the one of Atlantis and is home to some of the most notable civilizations known to man- the Ancient Greeks and Romans were all located in the area. Home to 28 countries, European culture is not the same across the country lines.

One of the most beautiful parts of traveling throughout Europe is easily the some of the most gorgeous beaches that you could possibly visit. National Geographic documented 20 of the most beautiful (and not tourist filled) beaches in Europe. Here are our top 6.

Lugo, Galicia, Spain

Praia das Catedrais, or “Cathedral’s Beach”, is located in Lugo, Galacia along the northwestern corner of Spain. The official title of the beach is Praia de Augas Santas,meaning Beach of the Holy Waters.

The beach is a completely natural monument, getting its shape from the crashing of the waves from the Atlantic Ocean. The is not visible during high tide, but shows its beauty once the water recedes. The beach gets its name from the Gothic, cathedral-esque quartzite and slate rocks that have been shaped by the Cantabrian Sea.

Corsica, France

Corsica is almost located directly in the center of the Mediterranean Sea. The island boasts a diverse coastline with beaches and mountains alike. The various plant life along the beach bloom at different times throughout the year, continuously creating a gorgeous and breathtaking environment year round.

Cyclades, Greece

The Cyclades is a collection of 39 Greek islands in the Aegean Sea, although only 24 are inhabited. When visiting the Cyclades, you will quickly realize that no two beaches are the same. The most famous Cyclades beaches are located in Mykonos, Paros, and Naxos. They boast not only sunbeds, taverns, and watersports, but also a size that still has a secluded area far away from the business of travel. The beaches in amorgos and Folegandros, however, are the opposite. The beaches there are prime for taking a step back, relaxing, and enjoying the weather in Greece.

Sark, Channel Islands

Sark is located just off the coast of Normandy, France. No cars are allowed on the island, keeping the sounds of nature as the soundtrack to the small island. Sark calls itself home to La Grande Grève, the largest beach located in the Channel Islands. The beach is hidden down a bath on the peninsula of the island referred to as Little Stark.

Vik, Iceland

Vik is a secluded little seafront village in Southern Iceland with a population of about 300. There are numerous Icelandic legends surround the black basalt columns at Reynisfjara Beach.That same black sand is shown in Game of Thrones, making a cameo in the scenes shot North of the Wall.

Sintra, Portugal

Sintra is easily one of the most beautiful cities in Portugal. The city used to be the residence for numerous aristocrats and royalty in the country. Located just an hour away from Lisbon, Sintra is a glamorous location to take a break from the city. Bear Beach is near Cape Roca, the westernmost point of continental Europe. There is a clear and direct view of the Atlantic Ocean, incomparable to any other.

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