September 28, 2020

Cold Work Week Lunch Suggestions

Cold Work Week Lunch Suggestions

Weekday lunches are often seen as the respite of a hectic workday, so they should ideally be made with little obstacles, such as the lack of a microwave oven. Thankfully, several “cold,” yet enjoyable work week lunch ideas are suggested in a recipe blogpost from Martha Stewart, so that you can take a break from the mid-workday stresses with a lunch that is easily-accessible and tasty.

These recipes are ideal for those working in an office or from home and have found that their past few weeks of lunches have either gotten stale or uninteresting. Invite yourself to spice things up and get out of the lunch-rut we all find ourselves in whether we’re moving last night’s leftovers into a reusable container or tossing together a quick salad. Refresh your next mid-day meal with the following fast and delicious recipe suggestions.

Grilled Skirt-Steak Salad

If you find yourself ever with a leftover portion of grilled steak, feel free to serve it over lettuce alongside orange and yellow bell peppers, feta cheese, and juicy cherry tomatoes for a flavorful and hearty salad. Make it interesting with a suggested basic vinaigrette atop it all!

Tuna-Salad Hand Rolls

Make yourself the talk of the lunchroom (or the star of your work-from-home situation) with a aesthetically-pleasing hand roll made from good-quality canned tuna, yes there is such a thing, that is mixed with mayonnaise and lemon juice, then folded into the nori sheets alongside sliced avocado and vegetables (which also make a great side dish). There’s nothing that quite matches the tuna salad’s taste and texture, so lean into that nostalgia with this asian-inspired, rolled treat.

Poached Chicken Sandwiches with Peas and Radishes

This picturesque sandwich has a vibrant and lush green that will similarly make any onlookers green with envy when eyeing your assembly of thick slices of rustic bread topped with a pea, almond, and ricotta spread. Make it as aromatic as it is visually-appealing with the addition of thinly-sliced radishes, fresh mint leaves, and sugar snap peas.

Rice Salad with Tomatoes, Cucumbers, and Feta

Fill your salad container with six simple ingredients and take a trip with the easily-prepared, Mediterranean-inspired lunch salad that has the power to not only satiate and nourish your appetite but also give you the final push you need to see to your afternoon duties with a brisk efficiency. All this needs is some pre-cooked brown rice, cherry tomatoes, crumbled feta cheese, cucumbers, parsley, and fresh mint to have an aromatic, satisfying lunch meal.

Scandinavian Shrimp-and-Cucumber Sandwich

Skip a typical cold lunch salad in favor of this anything-but-boring lunch salad. This assembly is special in that you use poached shrimp, hard-boiled eggs, sliced cucumbers, and Neufchatel cheese atop pumpernickel bread for an open-facing meal that is simply stunning and unforgettable.

Triple Decker PB & J Tea Sandwiches

Embrace a simpler time and update it for the adult version of yourself with this all-american classic: a triple-decker peanut butter and jelly sandwich. It’s a classic for a reason, so let’s triple it by having it consist of three slices of bread and a double layer of peanut butter and jelly to make lunchtime simple and easy to please.

Taco Salad with Sweet-Potatoes

As many avoid overstuffing themselves at lunchtime as to avoid a post-noon slump, this heartily health-conscious salas aims to nourish you and keep things light. Roasted sweet potatoes are layered over a bed of lettuce alongside traditional taco toppings like black beans, jalapenos, crushed tortilla chips, and lime juice. Avoid the mexican take out, and fill that craving yourself with this sampling and satisfying salad.

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