July 23, 2020

Best Music Venues in South Louisiana

Best Music Venues in South Louisiana

Live music has an incredible impact around the globe. Not only is live music necessary, it also creates the ultimate human connection so it’s no wonder that people are sorely missing seeing their favorite acts due to current safety issues concerning the pandemic.  We’ve compiled a list of the best music venues in Louisiana using Louisiana Travel’s help so that you can start planning your post-pandemic concert schedule now!

Why Live?

Live music is more important as a unifying force than ever before. Studies found that when people are asked what defines them most as a person, they answer “music” more often than hometown, politics, race, or religion.  Live music shows connect us with like-minded people who enjoy the same things we enjoy, creating a sense of unity and community.  Because of this, live music creates more intense feeling and emotion than listening to your Ipod or radio.  78% of people report feeling high-intensity emotions when they experience live shows.  Two-thirds of Gen X, Y, and Z attend at least one concert or festival each year, with a majority going to multiple concerts or events.  Live shows are in super high demand!  It should come as no surprise that people pay high dollar for live experiences. After all, live only happens once and no two events are ever the same.

Top 3 in Louisiana

Tipitina’s, New Orleans

Established in 1977, Tipitina’s (named after one of Professor Longhair’s most famous tunes) began as a neighborhood juke joint by a group of young music fans to provide a place for Professor Longhair to perform in his final years. The venue has survived in an ever-changing musical, political, and environmental climate.  It changed ownership and briefly closed in 1984, changed hands a few more times, then in 2018, Tipitina’s was purchased by the members of the New Orleans-based band Galactic.  Many of NOLA’s most beloved artists continue to play here, including Dr. John, the Neville Brothers, the Meters, the Radiators, Better Than Ezra, and Troy “Trombone Shorty” Andrews. Tipitina’s has been fortunate over its history to host artists with more widespread fame like Nine Inch Nails, Pearl Jam, Lenny Kravitz, James Brown, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Tim McGraw, Goo Goo Dolls, Willie Nelson, Buddy Guy and Dresden Dolls.  Many historic live recordings were made at Tipitina’s by artists including Professor Longhair, Tuts Washington, Dr. John, the Neville Brothers and Anders Osborne. Tipitina’s is a timeless musical institution and will continue to promote unforgettable music and a rich future.

Blue Moon Saloon, Lafayette

First a guest house for travelers, the Blue Moon Saloon opened in 2001 on the back porch and has since become one of America’s premier venues for roots music from around the globe. Everyone is welcome at this world-famous honky tonk based in Lafayette Louisiana, a epicenter for culture, music, food and fun.  It has become a neutral ground where travelers, families, artists and politicians dance, and let the good times roll.  Frequently hosting local acts like The Givers, you’ll hear all genres of music from acapella to zydeco.  They’ve also been known to host fun events like vinyl record exchanges and outdoor yoga on the porch.  Next time you go through Lafayette, book your stay at the guest house and check to see who is on the schedule.  You are sure to have a good time!

Varsity Theatre, Baton Rouge

The Varsity first opened its doors in 1937 and saw much support from area residents.  Before the present age of online streaming services, or even the days of video rental stores, cinema and film fans were out of luck.  Those wanting to see the latest films usually had to depend on the nearest college film festival.  During most of the 1980s, however, Baton Rouge was an exception. Just outside the gates of campus, the Varsity Theatre fueled the passions of hundreds of local moviegoers for nearly a decade.  Having played many roles over the years, The Varsity has moved from its original function as a feature film theatre to its current life as a concert venue. Reopening in 1990 as a live music concert venue, it soon found a new purpose satisfying the entertainment needs of area college students. The theatre has thrived in this new role and remains a popular venue hosting acts of all genres and interests and for all audiences, young and old.

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