April 22, 2021

American Bucket List Activities

American Bucket List Activities

International travel is assuredly enticing, unforgettable, and unique, but it has a tendency to be expensive, which is why many are turning to their “own backyard,” as it were, and rediscovering the once-in-a-lifetime wonders of the United States. One such company is the premium email-subscription service, Scott’s Cheap Flights, which had its extensive survey results of the “Most Popular Bucket List Activities in Each U.S State” featured recently on Travel Pulse’s blog.

The list is a culminating result of a sample size of 3,000 people who answered the question: “what activities and experiences are at the top of your USA bucket list?” Predictably so, the results revealed some obvious “greatest hits” of California and Hawaii topping the list, but the data set also gave interesting insight such as approximately 70% of all bucket-list activities chosen by travelers taking place outdoors, whether it be exploring the Denali National Park in Alaska national park in or visiting the white-sanded beaches of Georgia’s Jekyll, Cumberland, and Tybee Islands.

Lastly, before diving into a small sampling of the enticing events, it should be remembered that a “bucket list destination” is special because it’s a trip that’s unique to the area that it’s located in for one reason or another while also teeming with memories that could last a lifetime. The bucket list aspect doesn’t need to be grim or morbid, but it should be seen as a goal in which you can perceive some of the more exquisite and spectacular sights, activities, and wonders of nature or man that this world has to offer, while we’re here.

Gazing at the Wild Ponies of Assateague Island National Seashore

Located in close proximity to Ocean City, Maryland & Chincoteague Island, Virginia is a 37-mile beach, inland pine forest, and salt marsh that has stood as a National Park and U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service refuge and State Park for several decades. Besides being stunningly gorgeous, this beach is unique due to its over 300 free-roaming wild ponies and horses that have been trotting down the beach and surrounding areas since the 17th Century. Locals believe that the ponies originally came to the island from a sunken Spanish Galleon ship, which was recently discovered offshore, but no matter the cause, the free-roaming ponies are a truly rare sight that one should demand to see with their own two eyes.

Traversing Nevada’s Valley of Fire

Survey respondents placed experiencing Nevada’s Valley of Fire State Park ahead of touring Las Vegas and all its commercial wonders, so that tells you that there’s something special about the breathtakingly panoramic landscapes. Named for its 40,000 acres of strikingly red Aztec sandstone found alongside limestone, the Valley of Fire is also home to ancient, petrified trees and petroglyphs that date back over 2,000 years ago. The landscapes that make up the crimson valley serve as the ideal backdrop for your outdoor excursion, as the State Park is home to dozens of trails for walking, viewing, biking, and hiking. Make it a point to drive down the winging Valley of Fire Highway the next time you need a color compliment to the monotonous, dull hues in your neck of the woods.

View the Natural Wildlife of South Dakota’s Badlands

Reconnect with the early settlers and take in unforgettable sights in the “Land of Stone and Light,” found in the rugged topography of the Badlands. This National Park is home to geological formations that resemble mosaic paintings, one of the world’s richest fossil beds, and approximately 244,000 acres to explore. What’s special about this area is that it is not only home to untold beauty but also countless species of wildlife unique to the area. From Wild Turkey to Buffalo to Kangaroo Rats, the expanse of the Badlands has a unique sight for every visitor on every visit.

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