June 30, 2021

3 Packet Cooking Recipes that are Perfect for Camping and Meal Prepping

3 Packet Cooking Recipes that are Perfect for Camping and Meal Prepping

For those in search of simpler cooking methods, a new trend called “packet cooking” is becoming increasingly more popular, but thankfully it’s also become easier to navigate thanks to this recipe blog from The Washington Post.

For the uninitiated, “packet cooking” is essentially an individualized form of meal prep that has culinary participants cooking a meal and quickly wrapping portions inside of aluminum foil for consumption at a nearby, later date. Now, the placing of portioned meals inside of foil isn’t a completely new concept, and it may even be such an obvious venture that many would prefer to utilize the nearby premium Tupperware set. By quickly sealing your fresh ingredients inside a sheet of aluminum foil, you’re essentially guaranteeing that the dish will continue to cook through the incredibly effective kitchen practice of steaming.

The steaming of your portioned meals ensures that your more delicate proteins (like fish) are going to be cooked for an extended period of time, but the steaming process also traps moisture inside its metallic walls, thus ensuring no dry food dishes once you unwrap. The aluminum foil wrapping helps herbs, spices, and aromas blend together in a more significant way, and the cleanup processes are practically nonexistent as everything is self-contained. This is why “packet cooking” is becoming a hard-to-beat kitchen trend for those portioning out leftovers alongside dinner plates as well as those going on a camping trip. That being said, enjoy these packet-ready recipes from the culinary blog archives of The Washington Post.

Potato and Prosciutto Packets

This powerful, simple recipe takes proper advantage of the aluminum foil packaging by essentially steaming Yukon Gold Potatoes with the flavor and aroma of creamy goat cheese and You’ll begin by oiling the potatoes with extra-virgin olive oil and tossing them with salt, pepper, and rosemary before cooking them beneath the thick slices of prosciutto and hefty goat cheese dollops. Next, you’ll essentially pack up each potato for approximately 35 minutes on a grill, only to remove it when each piece can be easily pierced with a fork. You then have a decision to make; you can immediately eat the potatoes, let them continue to cook in the foil for consumption later in the day, or save the packets in the refrigerator for later in the week.

Mixed Grill Packets with Sausages, Vegetables, and Corn

Just in time for summer is this simple and tasty dish that can be used as a standalone dish or a great filling for some sausage and vegetable quesadillas. This recipe has cooks using around two pounds of their preferred turkey or pork sausage and cooking it alongside zucchini, corn, bell peppers, and onion. When cooking, you’ll add the herbal taste and aroma from freshly minced thyme and freshly grated garlic; both ingredients will only continue to infuse with your sausage and vegetables once you portion your ingredients in aluminum foil or parchment paper for a powerful protein kick on your next hike!

Seafood and Summer Corn Packet Ragout

Instead of packeting this dish in aluminum foil, this recipe has you cook your seafood in parchment paper, and the packets can be assembled and refrigerated up to six hours in advance. These packets are made with approximately 15 inches of parchment paper on which you’ll place a corn mixture topped with a butter square, an herbal medley, and the seafood trio of shrimp, mussels, and sea scallops. The corn mixture (made up of shucked corn, tomatoes, onion, jalapeño, oil, hot sauce, salt, pepper, and lemon juice) stands as a perfect base for the seafood and herbs while also absorbing all of the juices produced by the latter during the cooking process. For an added, delicious taste, be sure to save some of the herbal blend for a garnish that can be sprinkled atop once these packeted “ragouts” are brought tableside.

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