June 30, 2021

2021 Summer Travel Trends

2021 Summer Travel Trends

In a normal year, it’s always beneficial to observe the latest travel trends at the start of the summer vacation, but this year it seems especially beneficial to observe summer travel trends and take note thanks to these analyzed travel trends from TravelPulse.

With travel restrictions being continually lifted across the United States (check the latest CDC travel advisories here), many new trends are starting to emerge that differ from previous patterns. Staff writers at Travel Pulse have analyzed travel data from a report released by the travel services company Amadeus. The trends that have emerged from the analysis report show new tendencies that are directly attributed to traversing in a post-quarantine landscape.


One summer travel trend that has emerged is that more and more guests are booking vacations within a longer timeframe. While this statistical trend could indicate that more and more vacationers have come into more lucrative employment opportunities, it likely indicates that more vacationers are instead working remotely while on vacation. For instance, the travel services company cited “that the Caribbean is an appealing destination for travelers who are planning a workcation, with a 43 percent increase in the number of searches for 14-plus day stays compared to the same period in 2019.”

Amadaus’ research indicated that more travelers have searched for extended stay trips that include sleeping accommodations for greater than 8 days- as long as the resort also includes consistent wi-fi access. This upward trend of “workcations” is certainly expected since many private and public businesses have adapted a work-from-home business model in light of the pandemic, as it benefits both the worker and employer. So, if your job allows you to complete your work tasks remotely, only attend meetings that are absolutely essential, and respond to a portion of your emails during a designated “workcation” period, then more and more 2021 travelers might be booking an extended trip to the beach.

Revenge Travel

Simply stated, after a harrowing year of isolation, social distancing, and quarantine, many are using this newfound (but health-conscious) freedom as a chance to vacation both for 2021 and for the lost vacation of 2020; hence the term “revenge travel” has emerged. Seen as an answer to cabin fever or the restlessness that is felt when kept “cooped up inside” for days at a time, this summer travel trend has more and more vacationers booking trips in the world’s most popular vacation destinations. The interest in these locations indicates that travelers are more interested in the “better vacation spots” in order to atone of the lack of relaxation that occurred during the social distancing year.

Amadeus reported that “ people are booking these trips to top destinations such as Cancun, which the company found had skyrocketed from being outside the top 50 most searched destinations to now number four globally.”

Travel Bubbles

One trend that has been inspired by the pandemic but also the inclination to protect others is that of the “travel bubble.” This is known as the tendency for larger groups to book a stay together to a particular destination. Many times these destinations offer monetary or accommodational incentives if the group booking the trip can provide copies of a recent, negative COVID-19 test or vaccination card. Data from Amadeaus indicates that the company of travel insiders and analysts have “seen a 66 percent increase in searches from around the world for two-week trips to the Maldives compared to the same period in 2019.

Environmentally-Conscious Traveling

Lastly, the data acquired by Amadeaus seems to indicate that more and more vacationers are spending additional hours researching their destinations before booking a stay. “Its data suggests that people are researching their trips 27 percent earlier than they did in the same period in 2019.” The company attributes this increased time to wanting to vacation in a location that is both environmentally and socially conscious, but some may view that assumption as a bit of a stretch, given that the travelers could also be ensuring that their trip is health-conscious. No matter the meaning, the 27 percent increase in researching possible destinations is definitely a positive trend that should occur regardless.

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