June 24, 2021

2021 Fourth of July Travel Destinations

2021 Fourth of July Travel Destinations

With the limitations of the pandemic continuing to be lifted across the United States, more and more travelers are looking to “go all out” this upcoming Fourth of July Weekend, and with Reader’s Digests’ list of the best 4th of July getaways half the trouble of planning a patriotic outing has been taken care of.

As always, before you purchase though roundtrip airline tickets or hit the open highway, be sure to double-check the latest CDC and local travel recommendations to ensure safety above all. In addition to medical caution, it might also be a good idea to brush up on the most recent firework restrictions, depending on the state you’ll be traveling to.

The Fourth of July is often seen as one of the annual holidays that is most conducive to a trip since it falls in the middle of summer and is a federal holiday, ensuring that most businesses close for the day when the holiday doesn’t fall on a weekend. This year the 4th is to fall on a Sunday, the following Monday, July 5th, will be observed as a federal holiday, and with the rate of vaccinations increasing and social distancing restrictions scaling back nationwide, it’s never been a better time to consider traveling so that you can celebrate the anniversary of the United States of America’s Declaration of Independence. What follows is a selection from Reader’s Digest’s complete list of getaway options.

 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Immerse yourself this independence day in the location where it all began, the patriotic birthplace of America, Philadelphia. Around the beginning of July, no other city celebrates with the same enthusiasm as the Pennsylvanian locals. Each year, the city hosts the Wawa Welcome America event over an extended period leading up to July 4th, ultimately culminating in a show-stopping fireworks display over the Philadelphia Museum of Art, located at the southern portion of Fairmount Park. This year, the non-profit organization that organizes the event will host an array of safe, responsible programming that includes art, education, culture, entertainment, and of course, history.

Other than the infamous Wawa Welcome America spectacle, the city has plenty of other locations to enjoy the holiday weekend such as Philadelphia’s Four Seasons Hotel. Being that the hotel also stands as the tallest tower in the city, it’s a perfect vantage point from which to observe the city’s various fireworks displays. Of course, you can always make the most of your trip to the city that started it all by going on one of Philadelphia’s numerous historical tours and observe textbook-famous sights like the Liberty Bell or the Franklin Institute. All in all, if you find yourself usually caught up in the historical legacy of Independence Day, then there’s no better destination than Philadelphia.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

If you find yourself more drawn to the general atmosphere and seasonal aspects of the 4th of July, then why not enjoy the festivities at one of the most exciting and enjoyable beach towns found in the original thirteen colonies? Myrtle Beach, which covers 60 miles of beautiful coastline, is the ideal location to enjoy breath-taking sunrises emerging over the Atlantic Ocean, famous Southern hospitality, and delectable coastal cuisine year-round. It’s during the summer months that the boardwalk of Myrtle Beach is the star of the show with its notorious Sky Wheel that towers over the attractions below at a height of over 200 feet, making it one of the tallest Ferris wheels in the country. While it’s not a carnival ride, it is a fully accessible observation tower that allows you to see any fireworks or holiday celebrations from a prime vantage point. Other than the Skywheel, the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk and Promenade is abound with vintage favorites such as fudge shops, candy makers, arcades, and so much more.

As for accommodations, there’s one resort that stands as the obvious choice as it encompasses 27 acres of Myrtle Beach, and that is Hilton’s DoubleTree Resort. The resort features a “Beach Oceanfront” which acts as a direct pathway to the Atlantic coastline, giving you and your traveling party the ideal passageway to relaxation this summer holiday season.

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