July 26, 2018

$1 Million Pledge for Tulane Brain Institute

$1 Million Pledge for Tulane Brain Institute

The Tulane Brain Institute at Tulane University has received a generous donation of $1 Million made by the Priddy Family Foundation.  The Priddy Family Foundation was founded in 1963 by the parents of Tulane alumnus Robert Priddy, a businessman and former president of the foundation.  The donation was made specifically for the research of brain science.  Tulane says it will also fund competitive awards as incentive to faculty for research support.  Criteria for the awards would include a project’s potential to increase community awareness of the Brain Institute and help to draw financial support from other competitive national funding agencies.

The Brain Institute was established in 2016 to coordinate neuroscience endeavors at Tulane.  Scientists working at the Tulane Brain Institute are hoping to answer some of today’s most important questions about the brain and nervous system. There are discoveries being made in Tulane labs everyday and they are leading to greater understanding of and development of potential treatments for brain disorders including Alzheimer’s and other neurodegenerative diseases, stroke, PTSD, anxiety and depressive disorders, and developmental disorders such as autism and ADHD. The Brain Institute hopes to build on these accomplishments, invest in neuroscience research across the University, and enhance the national reputation of Tulane in the area of brain science. To learn more about the Brain Institute click here.

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