September 9, 2018

Hurricane Season Kitchen Prep

Hurricane Season Kitchen Prep

With Hurricane Season in full force and after the land fall of Tropical Storm Gordon, it’s better late than never to discuss Hurricane Season Kitchen Prep 101. In this article, written by,  you will find some of the most useful Hurricane Season tips that you have heard growing up in Louisiana all your life as well as some you may have not known about.

As we all know, first, as you buy and store your water, food and supplies, be sure to arrange them in easily transportable containers: plastic bins, boxes, bags and ice chests. This way, if shelter-at-home turns into an evacuation trip, you can be ready to pack up and go in no time.

Most emergency planners advise that you stock enough nonperishable food and water to last for two weeks per person. Water is essential: Tap water may become un-drinkable, if the power fails at water treatment plants. Each household should have at least a three-day supply of 1 gallon of water per person per day, plus more for any foods that require water, such as instant cereals, dry milk or soup mixes.

The LSU AgCenter’s recommendations for three-day emergency supply of nonperishable foods include canned fruits, juices, vegetables, tuna, crackers, meats or beans as well as single-serving cereals, protein and granola bars, packaged drink mixes, peanut butter, apple sauce, beef jerky, canned milk or other shelf-stable milk and cheese. (Check out the for more tips for suggestions on quantities…)

When it come times for the cleanup, after the storm has passed, one thing you might not have heard before is to keep lemons handy. Whole lemons can brighten a bottle of lukewarm of water, add flavor when squeezed over canned tuna; and the juice mixed with water in a spray bottle makes for quick clean-ups that smell good, too.

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